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About Us

About Us is About You

Capital Park Funding was founded to help you get the best experience selling your structured settlement payments.  We purchase structured settlements, annuities, investment annuities, lottery winnings, and life contingent policies. 

We have seen first hand throughout the years the issues customers have faced during their transaction and how their experience has suffered as a result.  We wanted to build a company that focuses on helping you achieve your financial goals while providing you the best service and experience. 


Honesty, integrity, and doing it the right way - it is that simple.  Our core values have defined our relationships and our business practices.  

The founders of Capital Park Funding have over 25 years of total managerial experience in the structured settlement industry.  We have helped generate millions of dollars of cash for thousands of customers with structured settlements in every state.  


We have used this experience and developed a service built on getting you the cash you need while understanding it is about you, not us. 

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