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Our Experience

Our previous experience is our biggest strength in getting you the cash you need from your structured settlement payments.  Capital Park Funding knows it is important for your transaction to be completed with confidence and a sense of urgency. Our background and expertise will make your time with us an experience you will not forget. 

Why Choose Us? 

You Deserve a Better Experience

Sold payments or attempted a transaction in the past?  If so, were you...


Constantly on hold and sent to voicemail?


Being told one thing and the opposite happens?


Explaining your situation repeatedly to several employees?


Ignored or disregarded after signing contract?


Feeling like the company was doing you the favor?


Treated like a number instead of a loyal customer?


Told your first court date was cancelled/rescheduled? 


Mislead about the process and stages of transfer?


Talked down to when you had questions or concerns?


Dealing with mistakes during your transaction?


Feeling like you didn't get fair value for your payments?


Dealing with an inexperienced representative?


Talking on the phone and not in person like you wanted?


In court and the lawyer was unprepared/late? 


Starting to think all companies had the same process?


Unsatisfied with the overall experience?

If any of this sounds familiar, please give us a call at 888-505-7950

Capital Park Funding knows what it takes to get you the cash you need at the service you deserve. 

The Capital Park Way

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Capital Service
One on One
Around the Clock Availability
Cater to Your Needs
One Voice
Personal Interaction
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Capital Advantage
Competitive Pricing
Customized Quotes
Cash Advances
Experienced Court Approvals
Experienced Attorneys
  • Pay Credit Card Debt

  • Purchase a Home 

  • Investment Opportunity

  • Pay Medical Bills

  • Loss of Job

  • Pay off Mortgage 

  • Buy a Car

  • Relocate

  • Pay School Tuition 

  • Pay Past Due Rent

  • Start a Business

Capital Park Funding can be a trusted resource for your cash needs no matter what your financial situation is.

Need a lump sum of cash?

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Request a Free Quote 

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Capital Assistance

Let us know how we can help you.  Regardless of the issue, we will do everything possible to lend a helping hand.  

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